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This is my newly adopted Trigger. The 6 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Named after Roger Lloyd-Pack (R.I.P). Tame as a feather. :) <3

Reward yourself for every small step you achieve

And I shall. For every 15lbs I lose, I am going to reward myself with something wonderful. I don’t know what just yet, but I sure as shit will figure it out and post it up here! :) Gig tickets? New video game? Football boots? Guitar? Who knows, but if losing weight means losing funds from my bank balance, then that’s totally fine with me. As long as it stays off, and my funds regenerate!

You wanna see something incredible happen? Stick around…

I’ve done a BMI calculation, and to become a healthy human being I need to lose 90lbs. That’s 6st 6lbs, or 40.8kgs (whichever way you look at it)

Now, I’m not in great shape. I wouldn’t even suggest that I’m in good shape, or a standard shape. I’m greatly overweight (to put it politely) and something needs to be done about it. I’m worried that it’s all talk though and no action. 

It’s a terrible spiralling action becoming overweight. If you’ve not experienced it, imagine losing your physical ability, so that you can’t compete like you used to. Your mind hasn’t changed, but you get incredibly frustrated that your body can’t keep up like you used to be able to. You get out of breath so easily now. It feels as if whenever you do any kind of active work, it’s as though you’ve held your breath, because you’re struggling for air afterwards. If you even look at exercise you’ll sweat, and let’s face it, who actually enjoys sweating?

Now, add to this the idea that to maintain your current life you have to work even harder than ‘healthy’ people to keep up. This is because you are carrying more weight and it’s more pressure on your joints, and more difficult for you to achieve tasks that were once a lot easier. (you still with me?) Basically, things are a lot harder for overweight people. (example: healthy man carries 10kg box for 100m vs. obese man carries 10kg box for 100m; it’s going to be a lot harder for the obese man to carry the box, based on the already excessive weight on the joints in the legs)

Anyway, my point is this; I am stepping up a gear on the weight loss. I’m not into exercise, and I’m allergic to fresh fruit (and possibly fresh vegetables) so it might just be written in the stars for me to be overweight, but I’m gunna give it a damn good shot to lose the weight and see what it’s like to be a healthy adult male. After all, I’ve never been one.

I love you :) <3

That’s technically not a question, but I’ll allow it as you’re my love :) <3

Does my tongue look burnt?

I burnt my tongue &gt;:-P

Does my tongue look burnt?

I burnt my tongue >:-P

And here is my girl actually playing Call of Duty ;) &lt;3

And here is my girl actually playing Call of Duty ;) <3

So I&#8217;m getting my girl into Call of Duty&#8230;

So I’m getting my girl into Call of Duty…

June 4th.

I am fucking sick to my absolute soul of being this overweight FAT disgusting man who does no sport EXERCISE in his spare time, eats copious amounts of food, and cannot sleep without a full stomach.

Fads are bullshit. Do not trust a fad. A FAD IS NOT A LIFESTYLE. I’m not starting a regime either, regimes fall. I am starting a fucking war against food. I am starting a war against gluttony, greed and sloth. I weighed myself this evening, and it emotionally crippled me. 

I hate the idea of walking/hiking/running/jogging. It doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t really like cycling either as I’ll get 2miles from home and blow a fucking tyre. Swimming is the only effective exercise I could do at this point, as I don’t want to join a team and get competitive.

Right now, I fucking hate every aspect of my being. I despise myself with a true hatred of what I have done to myself, and ALLOW myself to become this… SUBhuman that weighs twice the size of another. 

I have been a cruel cunt to myself in the past 15 years. It’s time I kick the fucking bucket or kick the fucking bad habits.

Eff Emm Pee.

It’s the day that I have to hand in and discuss my Final Major Project. It was a 6 track mini-album showcasing my abilities. Recording, Mixing and Mastering. 

It’s not a big deal. It’s made to look like a big deal but I don’t see why we need a 1 hour discussion on it. There’s no way I’ll fill a one hour meeting with information. Let’s face it, I’ve been accepted into University, and it’s just a case of ticking the boxes to get a final grade, though if I can get DDM then I’ll get £450 for my troubles.