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Unemployment & other controversies

It’s strange when you’re unemployed. You tend to lose sight of keeping appearances. I guess that is down to the lack of financial stability. Also, I’ve found that I’m not too interested in what my facial hair is up to since becoming unemployed. I don’t change clothes as often either.

I am enjoying not having to set and alarm and wake up to go through a routine of something I’m not happy with. Money is money, and it doesn’t make you happy. It helps, but I have found that I can be quite content without money. I’ve never considered money to be as important as others see it. That’s probably why I don’t often keep much of it. We aren’t able to take it with us when we die, and I’d much rather leave behind the memories of who I am, rather than what I owned.

Having said that, I am looking to earn heaps of cash via the University route, but that’s because I want to enjoy my work as well as earn money. I enjoyed working at the Futon place, that was great fun, a real good bunch of guys work there at the little Independent store. I’ll give them a plug, because they are great:

The University lifestyle will not be a shock to me like it will be to others, partially because I’ve lived like a student for years. I am intrigued to the potential free gym they have though, I would love to get ripped and shed the excess weight I have. 

It seems that there will be (like always) people I dislike, and people that dislike me because of my personality in Manchester. This is once again something I’m familiar with, and I’m not going to deal with it any other way than normal. People have opinions, I also have opinions, and if they are different, then so be it. My opinion is valuable to me, so if I dislike something or someone, then that’s all that counts. :)

Stephh I know you’re reading this, and I honestly don’t see the problem(s) that you can see in regards to Manchester-Cambridge (or Man-Bridge; it’s a working title) I’m sure we’ll be strong enough to crack through these years, and it’ll make us stronger for it. I am going to need your post code though.

Well, that’s all I want to talk about for now. :)


So I’ve had a blog for a year, and I’ll admit I don’t post much. I tend to just scroll through the newsfeed of tattoos, animals, sex, porn and fucking. There is also other things in the newsfeed, but they aren’t worth a mention. 

Having had this blog for a year, that means that my profile icon is a year old. Time to try and change it! If you see a new one then I succeeded.

So I’m a few weeks away from actually moving away and I have zero monies so I dunno how that will pan out. If you care, then read the posts in a few weeks and it’ll be resolved either way. University or New job search. I’m not fussed which one. Ramble Ramble Ramble.

stephhwallis asked:

I still can't believe it's been a year since I made you get tumblr tho! :O I can't believe how fast a whole year has come round! Nice little secret- this time last year I already knew I was falling in love with you. And now look! :O I've never been happier. Thank you my love. Here's to many more wonderful years <3 <3


So my blog is a year old today, and looking at the past it makes you think of stuff.

Sometimes stuff in the past is good. And for this post, I want to look back and think of all those people who helped mould me into who I am today. Sincerely, I do hope you are happy. I know I certainly am. <3

Break a heart, to make a heart. 

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